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IWLA presents the Low Carbon Lunch with thanks to guest speaker Sarah Blake.

Sarah is passionate about communicating sustainability practices to businesses and individuals in a straightforward way, through talks, workshops and strategy. She believes that putting sustainability at the heart of what your business does will increase revenue, drive staff retention and reduce risk. Companies can be both Planet Positive and make a profit. Sarah’s background is a combination of both Human Resources (CIPD Associate) and Horticulture (RHS trained). After studying Sustainability at Cambridge University, Sarah established Earthology to help companies and individuals on their sustainability journey, one step at a time!

This webinar is all about eco-friendly eating habits.

You’ll learn about powering up on plants, reducing your food waste, shopping with less plastic and eating seasonally.

Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian, we’ll serve up some tasty tips for everyone to think about the way they eat.

Join us on Thursday lunchtime 18 February to hear more-