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Maternity Coaching, 25 Feb 2021

Continuing our Thursday lunchtime series of webinars, Johanna Fullerton, will address IWLA members on  the topic of Maternity Coaching.

Johanna is a Business Psychologist and the founder & MD of SEVEN, Psychology at Work. Johanna has over 25 years experience consulting and coaching in a range of public and private sector organisations. She is an authority on diversity & inclusion and leadership, driving SEVEN’s goal to enable positive change with purpose for people at work.

Working parents make up a significant portion of most organisations. Organisations that provide support for people transitioning into parenthood and through early childhood years see higher talent retention and staff engagement. Becoming a parent is a complex professional and personal transition – typically occurring at the steepest incline in an individual’s career trajectory. How this transition is managed and supported, organisationally and within teams, has a significant impact on the successful long-term retention and recruitment of talent.

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