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Following the IWLA AGM Frau Deike Potzel , German Ambassador to Ireland, addressed IWLA members on the topic of “A Woman’s life in Diplomacy”.

About this Event

The AGM of the Irish Women Lawyers Association elected the new committee for the 2020/2021 session and announced the winner of our article competition.

Following this Her Excellency, Frau Deike Potzel spoke to us about “A Woman’s life in Diplomacy”.

Born in East Berlin in 1968, Ambassador Deike Potzel joined the German Foreign Office after reunification of Germany in 1993. She was posted to Singapore and later Tehran (Iran) heading the cultural/press/protocol sections of the embassies. She later worked on the Iran desk in Berlin, followed by roles in HR, heading the Office of Federal President Gauck and later serving as Deputy Director General for Central Services/HR in the German Foreign Ministry before coming to Ireland on her first ambassadorial posting in November 2017. Ambassador Potzel is married with two grown-up children.