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Irish Women Lawyers Association

Vision Statement

To be, by 2021, the foremost public voice on behalf of women lawyers in Ireland, on topical areas of law relevant to women in Ireland.

Mission Statement

To be an advocate for women in law in Ireland and for changes to the law for women. IWLA strives to achieve this mission by:

  • Speaking out publicly on behalf of our members and Irish women generally;
  • Providing a link between the media and our members to ensure female voices are heard in public discourse and:
  • Holding professional networking, social and educational events.

Our Pillars


• Providing a professional and social network for women lawyers in Ireland.
• Maintaining a forum for the exchange of ideas amongst such women
• Creating and enhancing awareness of women’s contribution to the practice and development of the law

Advocacy & Advancement

• To encourage and assist the entry of women into the legal profession and their advancement
• To represent, advocate for and promote the interests of Irish women
• To promote career opportunities for women within the legal profession and the exploration of alternative work options


• To enhance the legal knowledge and skills of women lawyers in Ireland by providing continuing legal education seminars consistent with IWLA objectives
• Promoting educational awareness both in law and in areas that interact with or impacts upon the law
• To affiliate with academic institutions and with other third parties with similar objectives.